Let me start off my saying that I love our family room rug. I've spoken highly about it in the past, photographed it often, and think it is a great buy for a natural fiber rug that is surprisingly super soft. The only thing I don't love about it: it absorbs liquids like a sponge and has a few unfortunate visible stains that I cannot get out for the life of me! 


From a variety of common life mishaps -- like hot coffee spillage, apple juice straw leakage, accidental wine overflow, and dramatic medicine refusal by a five year old -- this rug has seen far better days! I should say that most people wouldn't even notice the stains, but I know they're there. And while I do love the look of it in the room, I just think it would be better in another space, where there is less traffic, less liquid consumption, and less children!

Everything else in our family room is very family-friendly, stain-resistant, washable or wipeable. I  loved our Dash & Albert rug that we had in the old house's family room and kick myself all the time for getting rid of it when we moved. I'm contemplating getting another indoor/outdoor rug like it since it's so easy to care for.

As a visual guide, here's a mood board of our family room to-date....

This is what the space would look like with our old Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rug in it.... 

It's a safe choice and I know would look great in the room, but I'm wondering if I want something that I've never owned before.....like this striped indoor/outdoor rug from Serena & Lily? Similar but different. Thoughts?

And last but not least, if I veered away from navy (can you imagine?!) I've always loved this other indoor/outdoor Dash & Albert rug....

Feel free to weigh in! I'd love your opinions!


I often get asked "how do I style my console?" or "what do I need to style a console?" Whether at an entry, in a dining room, living room, or along a bedroom hallway, dressing up a console can seem daunting. It can also set the tone for the entire space it lives in, so no pressure or anything!

I've seen far too many over-cluttered consoles that hold picture frames, candles, vases, sculptural knick knacks, stacks of mail, lamps, and wilting flowers in vases....all in one location, at the same time! Please note that is FAR TOO MANY things to have on one console. I don't care how deep or wide that space seems to you, you do not need to fill it!

In actuality, minimal is best. And by minimal, I do not mean stark and sterile. I mean well-thought out, purposeful, and warm. For example, if you need a catch-all for keys at the front door, you'll definitely want to include a little bowl or tray. If you have dog leashes and/or headphones that you grab as you run out the door, then you'll want a box or lidded container to store them. Perhaps you just want your console area to smell pretty, in which case you'll want vases for flowers and yummy candles as the focus. 

My go-to equation for achieving a well-curated vignette is balance, simplicity, beauty, and function. If you're able to satisfy those four things, in my opinion, you've got yourself the perfect arrangement!

Today I'm sharing how I create three perfect console "moments" using a simple, classic white console, a large round mirror, and a precise blend of accessories. 




How do you use your console? Are you looking to give it a little update? If so, I've rounded up plenty of beautiful AND functional pieces below -- from vases and bowls to candles and clocks -- that are sure to freshen up any console!









This past weekend we celebrated Husband's birthday with some close friends and family. It was the 10th anniversary of his annual NYC "Biergarten Birthday Celebration" and, while we don't live in the city anymore (and truth be told we skipped the last four years due to #parenthood), I couldn't miss the opportunity to throw a suburban beer garden party in our South Florida home. My better half's birthday AND a decade of an unintentional tradition is something to be celebrated, amiright?! 

I loved the challenge of taking our very coastal townhouse set-up and adding in some northern autumn foliage. I bought fake fall garland, added in lots of pumpkins (real and fake), had pumpkin spice candles burning, and turned the A/C down to 60 degrees! I even went so far as to buy real hay, but decided that was a terrible idea for this OCD, clean freak. Here are some crappy iPhone pics that I snapped before the festivities began.


It was a wonderfully fabulous evening, and I thoroughly enjoyed the prep of decorating for such a fun theme night. But I must admit that I was equally (if not more) eager to take it all down and store it away for next year. I love all things fall, and we have our fair share of crazy Halloween decor in boxes, but I've finally realized I just can't handle so much stuff all over the place. I'm becoming more and more of a minimalist as my taste evolves. 

Dining Room9.jpg

I needed to streamline our everyday fall decor to a place I was more comfortable with so I brought back our faux palm fronds (because they make me happy), and I eliminated everything else except for color-coded stacks of coffee table books, some cute mini white pumpkins, a candle, and an oversized white lamp. 

Dining Room8.jpg

I'm relieved to have the room back to a crisp and tidy version of itself and could definitely have this up through December and be perfectly content. I also can't help but do a little happy dance every time I walk by our new dining room chairs, which I've loved and lusted over for years. I'm beyond excited to finally call them ours!

Dining Room6.jpg
Dining Room4.jpg
Dining Room5.jpg

Regardless of where you live, if you're like me and you just can't get into the whole jack-o-laterns, witches, goblins, glittery garland, and candy wreaths just yet, do yourself a favor and buy some mini white pumpkins. Line your kitchen table, fireplace mantel, or entry console. You'll thank me. I found ours at our local grocery store, Publix. They're cute, affordable, and a subtle way to incorporate this time of year into your home, while also staying true to a more neutral aesthetic.

Dining Room1.jpg
Dining Room7.jpg

With all of this said, let me just have a week or so of this serene scene and then I'll likely break out the paper bats and spiderwebs for the boys to decorate with...because, well, this time of year only happens once!