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Hi. I'm Shira. I'm a born and bred South Florida girl who moved to NYC for college and stayed for the next fourteen years. I majored in Art History and received my Masters in Early Childhood Education. 

I'm married to the love of my life and we have two adorable little boys. We moved from NYC to Florida when our oldest was one and built our first home shortly after. It was in this first house that I really found my true passion for interior design, and Shira Bess Interiors was born.

I'm pretty obsessed with all things design related and I find it relaxing to decorate, organize, and rearrange. Styling shelves and creating symmetry is my "happy place" and helping others create beautiful spaces within their homes gives me the greatest pleasure. Really. I absolutely love it.

Oh, and nachos, I love nachos! Wine, sushi, and guacamole are high up on this list as well. Along with bright and airy spaces, wood floors, white slipcovered furniture, round mirrors, large artwork, layers of pillows and rugs, and good lighting!