E-Design is a virtual and affordable alternative to traditional interior design, available to anyone no matter where you live. It is accessible, fast, and fun -- and it is ideal for the client who works well via email and is comfortable buying products online.

E-Design includes:

  • Initial Consult via email after filling out the below questionnaire.
  • 3 unique Design Boards that fit within your budget.
  • One Design Board Revision, which includes an itemized furniture/vendor pricing list. 

The process is an easy one. All you have to do is:

  1. Complete the E-Design Questionnaire below. 
  2. Shira emails you a Quote for the project.
  3. You respond in agreement and say "get designing!" Shira sends you an invoice.
  4. You email over some pictures and measurements of your space (Shira will tell you how best to accomplish this).
  5. Shira gets designing!
  6. You receive 3 unique and personalized Design Plans to review and give feedback on.
  7. Shira completes ones round of revisions based off of your feedback and sends you a final Design Plan, including an itemized shopping list.
  8. You receive your beautiful new Design Plan and implement at your own pace!