It's no surprise to anyone that I love rattan. Maybe it's the Florida girl in me and it reminds me of childhood, or maybe it's the fact that rattan adds a cool, casual, fun organic vibe to any room, but I seriously can't get enough! It's sort of like that food item on a menu that you can't not order....say for instance, nachos, or anything with avocado on it. Just saying. The same goes for a rattan mirror. If I see one, I have to own it, or at least I have to encourage a client to purchase it!


I recently moved one of my most favorite rattan finds - this round mirror from Target that I believe I purchased for a mere $29.99! - from the hallway to our oldest son's bedroom. I'm slowly changing up his dresser situation and I love the fact that the rattan adds a warming tone to his otherwise all-white room.


I've come across quite a few, similar, lust-worthy rattan mirrored beauties in my latest e-design online sourcing rampage and felt it was my duty to share!

Aren't they all so great!?