High-to-low Dining Room

Day 3 of my self-imposed design challenge: THE DINING ROOM!

I'm all about designing spaces that are good-looking yet functional, spaces that are somewhat informal so that all ages can enjoy! It's who I am and it's typically who my clients are too.

With that said, the dining room is a space that many people get confused by. Does it have to be more formal than the other spaces in your home? Should it be tailored, refined, and fancy?

I say NO! Let it be YOU. Let it be usable and inviting. Let it be a space you can share a meal in on a random Thursday night, regardless of the next holiday get together.

That's why, for today's challenge, I've designed a casual, warm, welcoming dining room that screams "pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of champagne, tell me a funny story, and stay a while!"

Shira Bess Interiors Opalhouse Target Post-April 10.jpg

Can we discuss these $99 indigo woven textured vintage-inspired upholstered dining room chairs?!?! Or these rattan pendants for $59.99?! I mea. Obsessed, and such an amazing deal!