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High-to-low Mom Cave

High-to-low Mom Cave

I'm all about inclusion and designing rooms that work for all ages, but for my fifth and final High-To-Low Design Challenge I've decided to create my ideal "Mom Cave." That's right, a mom cave. A room to decompress once everything else is accomplished for the day. A room that doesn't have any toy storage, random socks on the floor, or cheerios in the cushions. A perfect place to relax once work, cooking, feeding, cleaning up, laundry, and general mommying is complete. A place to throw on your sweats, rock the mom bun, have a cup of tea or glass of wine, catch up on Bravo, Netflix, and Amazon, and online shop during a good sale! Your partner can join you if they want (because after all, it would be mean to exclude), but it's really your own oasis to chill and make up the rules.

*Sidenote: I'm all about gender equality and feel slightly contradictory designing a space for only moms, but over time men have coined the term "man cave" so I think it's only fair to create a space that the people that bring life into this world can go braless and enjoy doing nothing! 

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Invite your other mom friends over for a fun at-home girls night! This room has it all:

  • A comfy yet stain-resistant slipcovered white sectional with plenty of space for everyone to stretch out and lounge...

  • My favorite new rattan side chair and two pink poufs for extra seating or a place to rest your feet...

  • A good looking yet functional lacquered cork credenza for bubbly beverages and snacks, cozy blankets and tech storage...

  • An incognito flatscreen to watch your shows and movies...and when not in use, the screen becomes your favorite painting or photograph which I personally think is genius!

  • Wall mounted bookcases to house pretty carved wood containers for receipts, jewelry, and gift cards, along with other special items like pictures, plants, and your coffee table book and magazine collections...

  • A large beaded chandelier to hang center stage, preferably installed on a dimmer, to create the perfect ambiance for every mood...

  • A faux bird of paradise that never has to be watered but adds the perfect pop of greenery to the room!

If you had the spare space in your home, what would your ideal Mom Cave look like? 




High-to-low playroom

High-to-low playroom