T-minus 7 days until we officially move in to the new house, and you'd be correct to guess that we're beyond excited to start this new chapter as homeowners yet again! I've been mood boarding like a lunatic in between client projects and driving my husband crazy with new ideas of where things should go, what we need to buy, and what we can dream of doing down the road.

While we've hired professional movers to move all the furniture and big items (like our grill that's been in the back of our garage for the last two years), we're full steam ahead packing and bringing random odds and ends over to their new home. I'm kinda crazy about NOT having the movers touch certain items so even though it's monotonous to do so many trips back and forth it's worth it for the goal is to have most everything in its rightful place by the end of moving day.

Over on Instagram I've been sharing sneak peeks of some of the new arrivals that I've ordered, but haven't had a chance to share all the details on my plans room by room. So over the next few days I'll be sharing my mood boards, inspiration, and where we're at in the process!

Let's start things off with the kitchen...easily my favorite room in the whole house!

Just as a refresher, this is how things started out....


Obviously not my dream white kitchen, but since it is new, clean, and spacious, it's nothing a little paint can't fix! I hired a great team to paint the cabinets 'Simply White' by Benjamin Moore and plan to share more about the process and how it all turns out in the coming weeks. 

As far as where we're at now: cabinet doors and drawers have been removed for priming and painting remotely and they will all be arriving back with new hardware end of this week! [insert happy dance!]


Initially, I created this mood board as my kitchen inspiration to keep me on track during the process....



I'm happy to report that I didn't sway all too much from my initial vision for the space....the stools and pendant lights have already arrived and the new vintage rug is en route! 

Stay tuned for the big reveal of how the space shapes up once the cabinet doors and hardware are installed, pendant lights are hung, and vintage runner arrives. You can be sure I'll be instagramming the heck out of this space in the coming weeks!