Happy Friday folks! A big thank you to those who reached out following my house update post from earlier this week. Thanks for the love, understanding, commiseration, and virtual fist bumps for following our hearts! 

On a slightly unrelated note....It's amazing to feel inspired by other designers. I'm constantly flipping through books and magazines, perusing Pinterest, blogs, and scouring local and online shops for a spark of inspiration before I begin a new project. It's part of my process and I absolutely LOVE the connection to other creatives.

Have you all seen the most recent project by one of my favorite interior designers, Susan Simonpietri and her talented team behind Chango & Co??? Raquel Langworthy did a superb job photographing every nook and cranny and I was literally stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this gorgeous home. 

The project, "East Hampton New Traditional", is BEYOND! They've curated and mixed the perfect amount of EVERYTHING (textures, fabrics, vintage and new, lights and darks...) to make this home feel both beautifully designed yet realistically livable. Take a look for yourself and fall in love as well!