TGIF and Happy December 1st! I don't know about you, but I can hardly believe it's already Friday, let alone the end of the year!


Since my Tuesday Trio posts have been such a huge hit I thought I'd start another weekly post called My Random Friday Favorites. Not the most inventive or unique title, but it serves the purpose of updating you on some favorites from week to week! I plan to share great deals, cool finds that inspire me, and some of my own purchases. I'll mainly stay home decor and interior design focused but may throw in a fashion or kid-related find every now and again. 

So for my inaugural post....drumroll please.....presenting my first ever Random Friday Favorites:

  1. I always get asked where our big white frames that hold our family photos are from....and I have no problem sharing that they are the best, least expensive frames I could find when I needed to frame 16 family photos to hang in our first home's long foyer. I found these at Michael's and at the time they were buy one get one free (they're on major sale right now too!). I bought the 11" x 14", which can also fit a 16" x 20" picture if you remove the matte. The overall frame measures 18" x 22" and the quality is superb for the price. I then printed out pictures through Snapfish and hung the frames up in a grid like pattern, and voila, instant meaningful family gallery wall!

  2. This tray! It looks like wicker but is actually melamine, dishwasher safe, and $25! Bake some cookies or arrange some store bought donuts atop and you'e got yourself the perfect hostess gift!

  3. These curtains are currently on sale plus 40% off! I've had my eye on them since I first saw them months ago. Someone needs to snatch these pretties up!

  4. I stocked up on these candles last week. Add a gift card and you've got yourself a great holiday present for your kids' teachers!

  5. Our new pom pom throw arrived today and I'm obsessed. Can't wait to figure out the perfect spot for it!

  6. We're in need of new dinnerware (since I've singlehandedly dropped or chipped more plates and bowls than I care to admit) and I'm contemplating these. They're white, have a nice organic line to them, and are currently on some sort of "special" making them ridiculously well priced!

  7. Speaking of well priced.....Leo's new sheets for his bunk bed are currently 30% off! I'm so bummed I didn't get them at this price, but if you're in need of new bedding, looks like all of my favorites are 30% off!

  8. And last but not least...and completely unrelated to interior design and home favorite shoes are back in stock! They sell out super quickly and I get lots of questions about where I got mine. I'm tempted to buy two more pairs to have as future backup!


That's all I've got for now. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!