Today kicks off Serena & Lily’s big, huge, amazing 20% off EVERYTHING Memorial Day Sale and I’m beyond excited that they asked me to share my favorite pieces with all of you. I mean, hello I LOVE Serena & Lily AND a good sale. It was basically a no-brainer to say “OBVI!”

So before you navigate their site on your own or, like me, become a deer in headlights trying to remember what you had your eye on just a few days ago, allow me to share what I just purchased…as well as my favorite S&L classics from around our home…and pieces I have been coveting and/or have my eye on for future projects.

Get your coffee. Get your tea. Get a snack. Get ready. Get pumped. Get inspired. And don’t forget to use the code SUMMERPREP at checkout for 20% off.

Ok, let’s get started with a must-have accessory for summer….a good towel!


When the kind folks over at Serena & Lily sent us their new Sydney beach towels to try out, I’ll be honest and say I was appreciative but skeptical. I had never put much thought into our beach towels nor wanted to spend much money on them. We normally pick up a few inexpensive ones every season from Target or Costco, and toss them after a few months of washing because they get embarrassingly thin and frayed.

Fast forward to today, and I am a Serena & Lily beach towel enthusiast! Holy cow, are these tasseled beauties luxurious! They’re super soft and perfectly weighted, wash well, dry super quickly, and roll up to a very manageable size to be stored away or easily toted in a bag. I swear they are the best quality towels we’ve ever owned, and bonus points for being the best looking!


Hang them on hooks like I did for easy accessibility, or display them folded on an open shelf.


They come in a variety of colors and I challenge you to buy them and not love them! In my opinion, they are worth the price, and an essential for summer!



Which brings me to my most recent purchase, and another Serena & Lily piece I intend to have for a long long time: the casually chic South Seas Console.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 9.20.17 AM.png

Its classic natural woven rattan texture and dual shelves make it the ideal piece to display bottles of Pelligrino, fun thirst-quenching drinks, and kid-friendly snacks when friends and family are over this summer. It’s one of those pieces I’ve been eyeing for quite some time and finally bit the bullet and ordered. So happy I did!

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 9.16.09 AM.png

I cannot wait for its arrival next week! Juxtaposed with our Headlands Bell Pendants that hang over the dining room table, my rattan-loving heart is going to go into overdrive!


A few other favorite pieces from around our house:

  • Their bath towels, which we have in our master bathroom and the boys’ bathroom and love. I swear they are the BEST towels we’ve ever owned. They stay super fluffy throughout use and washing and every guest who has used one raves about how plush they are. Big fan!

  • Their Newport Loungers. I originally bought four for our playroom — two Bay Blue and two Midnight Blue. I just moved two downstairs to the family room for extra seating…because it turns out they’re not just for kids and adults love to veg-out on them too!

  • Our oldest Serena & Lily piece in the house, this white leather pouf, has easily lived in EVERY room at one point over the years. So durable and versatile.

  • Can’t have kiddos without having a step-stool, so why not make it this pretty one?! We love ours.

  • Leo’s new bedding is lust-worthy and by far my favorite linen bedding ever!

  • Baskets, baskets, baskets. We love these and have them in a few different rooms around the house. Ideal for laundry, toys, random blankets or anything else you have to quickly hide!

  • This Capiz Scalloped Pendant was a MUST when I found out I was pregnant with Leo — I knew I wanted it in his nursery. It’s since moved to our laundry room, where I absolutely love it…I also think it would look beautiful in a powder room too.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 12.36.17 PM.png


IMG_8580 2.JPG


It’s quite remarkable how many Serena & Lily pieces we have around our home. I don’t know whether to be impressed or embarrassed! Ha! They seriously have the best pieces of furniture, accessories, towels, lighting, and rugs that speak to my design loving soul.

While I would never tell you to buy something you don’t need…if you’ve been in the market or eyeing anything for your home, now is the time to treat yourself!

Just remember to use code “SUMMERPREP” at checkout for 20% off.

Happy shopping!