How is it already Wednesday? Also, HAPPY MARCH 1ST! Craziness! 

I meant to blog yesterday but got caught up in a fun and inspiring e-design project. It has me reminiscing about our NYC days, which takes me down a rabbit hole of memories that gets me all mushy and nostalgic. Ahh, the good 'ole days!

Anyway, this is sort of a random post, but can we discuss all of the amazing home decor items I found at Nordstrom's recently for a styling project?! 

Also, I've gotten a few inquires into our new wooden lotus bowl. I'm obsessed. It's from McGee & Co and you too can get one HERE. Empty or full of fruit this beauty elevates any table, countertop, console, or coffee table! I personally love the juxtaposition of a rustic wood piece against a sleek lacquered white surface. 

Anyway, back to werk werk werk. Wishing everyone a wonderful hump day!