It's been far too long since I blogged and I apologize for my unexpected break. So much has been going on over here with the end of school, the start of summer, home-life, work-life, family-life, etc....and while I won't bore you with the details, I can tell ya that I'm so happy to be back in the grove this week! This little creative space of mine gives me so much joy and I love sharing glimpses of our home, peaks into client projects (which I intend to share more of!), quality sales to take advantage of, and inspirational homes from other talented designers! I promise to be more consistent with my posts moving forward and can't wait to share some fun content now that summer is here and both kiddos are in camp! 

So without further ado....

If you follow me on Instagram, are a past or present design client, or have been to or seen photos of our home, you know I LOVE large scale art work. Photography in particular. 


As background, I went to a performing arts school from eighth through twelfth grade where my focus was on the visual arts. I did everything from painting and drawing, to sculpture and print making, but it was really photography that got my heart beating extra fast. I majored in Art History at NYU, and fit in a photography class nearly every semester! I haven't been in a dark room in ages, but my appreciation for photography has continued over the years and I love love LOVE using large scale prints in my design plans.

Some photographers I'm currently admiring are Gray Malin, Max Wanger, Slim Aarons, William Stafford, Leslee Mitchell, and Stephanie Sherman -- just to name a few!

In keeping with the coastal modern aesthetic that rings true to my soul, it's no surprise that I adore photography that highlights land and sea, and brings calmness, serenity, and happiness to a room.

Of course, photography can get pretty pricey depending on the artist, the subject, the size, the frame....but definitely DO NOT let that deter you from finding the perfect piece for your home. There are lots of attainable photographs out there, you just need to know where to look.


I personally love searching Minted for affordable large scale art, especially photographs. They may not be artists you're familiar with (yet!), but that's part of the appeal. Plus, I love that you have the option of purchasing pieces framed and ready to hang. It's like Cliff Notes for wall art! Our Minted pineapple print is a constant fave, and just for reference we have it in the 30x40 size, framed in white.

I've rounded up some of my other go-tos from Minted below for ya'll to browse, all show-stoppers and all affordable stunners!