I spend many hours scouring the web for THE perfect rug. It's my thing. Some may call it monotonous or time-consuming, I call it relaxing and therapeutic!

I personally feel a good rug (regardless of price) sets the tone for a room. When the perfect one is found it becomes the literal and figurative foundation for everything else I design within that space.

I get lots of questions and emails about where our exact rugs are from. And since I just realized that all of our rugs are still available (and lucky for you, many are currently on sale!), I thought I'd do a little round-up and share my sources.

Dining Room Rug


This indoor/outdoor striped favorite is wipeable, bleach-able, hose-able, and pretty much the best rug for under a table with little children. I will admit that when it arrived I didn't feel the white stripe was as white as I wanted it to be, but I ended up getting over that and think it's just perfect now. We LOVE this rug and have had zero problems with it. Highly recommend for any room in your home!

Family Room Rug


This patterned jute beauty is even better looking in person than on the West Elm website. We've had it for a little less than a year and get so many compliments and questions as to where we found such a soft jute rug. It adds a really nice organic texture to the room and I love that the pattern is unusual yet subtle. The downside to this rug is that it sheds on black clothing and absorbs liquids easily. From coffee to wine, with a little apple juice thrown in for good measure, there are two noticeable stains on our rug that I can't get out for the life of me. And I swear by this stain remover that can get out EVERYTHING, nearly EVERYWHERE (except on this rug. Umph!). We're planning to move this rug to a less trafficked area in our home once I find the perfect replacement. I recommend this rug for areas in your home that are less used....like a secondary living room, den, office, or even bedroom. 

Office RUG


This vintage-inspired rug is one of my favorite, spontaneous online purchases!  I was woo'd by its appearance (and price!) online and knew we were in the market for an office rug that had a little personality. I took a gamble on this pretty lady and am thrilled that I did! She is SO soft, vibrant in color yet not trendy, and a welcome addition to our otherwise white office space. Highly recommend and think would look great under a table, in a foyer, family room, or even a guest room! 



Our navy and white entry rug is a favorite over here. It's soft yet durable, can be bleached or hosed off, and adds a fun graphic element to our small foyer. I have no complaints with this bargain find and would highly recommend it on a patio, under a kitchen table, or even as a playroom rug!

Master Bedroom Rug


Hands down our most loved rug in the house! And between you and me, this navy stunner looks way better in person than it does on the Pottery Barn website. We've moved it from the family room to our master bedroom, and think it looks great in both locations. It's incredibly plush and comfy underfoot, but since it's wool it does shed a bit at the very beginning. With regular vacuuming that quickly ends, and I couldn't recommend this rug enough! Love, love, love it!

Milo's Rug


Arguably the softest rug we've ever had in our home to date, this low profile shag has a clean and tidy look to it that rivals the typical messy shaggy shag! This was a major selling point for us when I purchased it for Milo's "big boy room." The downside, though, is that it was a big shedder at first. I knew it would eventually stop based on its reviews and a call I made to the retailer, but it was still annoying. After about 4 months of regular vacuuming, the shedding did stop (thank goodness!). I do recommend this guy for a nursery and kids room, and love that the navy accent lines comes in a variety of other colors but just know you'll be vacuuming up a pound of wooly fuzz daily for the first few months.



This layered duo is a personal favorite in our home. The denim striped dhurrie was Leo's original nursery rug, and then I added the natural jute underneath as a larger layer since his new room is significantly bigger. I just love how this gives the space a casual, coastal, beachy vibe! There is nothing negative I can say about either rug. They're both durable, look good, and vacuum easily. I highly recommend either, on their own or together. And side note tip: layering on top of a larger natural fiber rug is the best way to utilize a too small rug that you're not sure what to do with but don't want to go to waste. 

I've also had my eye on a handful of other pretties, either to replace the current family room rug (that I love but need to find a less trafficked area to move it) or as potential future rugs for our future new home (whenever we find it!).