I'm sort of a fresh cut flower and green shrubbery fanatic. I can't get enough of them around our home and think all botanicals - from cut tree branches and palm fronds to potted succulents and fiddle leaf fig trees - give a home an automatic comfy "I want to chill here" vibe.

I swear, you could take any neutral space, add a big luscious ficus in the corner or a few monstera leaves to a vase and voila, instantaneous personality and warmth.

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While less expensive than, say, a pricey sculpture or piece of art for an empty space, fresh blooms and large plants can definitely be a splurge. Plus, don't even get me started with how high-maintenance certain potted trees and flowers can be! I've unknowingly over watered, burned, and neglected my fair share of orchids, palms, and fiddle leafs....may they all rest in peace. 

Faux botanicals, on the other hand, have ZERO maintenance requirements and give you the same overall look and feel. Whether you're feeling lazy to care for fresh greens, live in an area that seasonally makes having plants hard to find or maintain, or when you have diapers and wipes to purchase instead of racking up $$$ at the Whole Foods floral department, BUY FAUX INSTEAD! You'll thank me, I promise.

I keep these behemoth faux palm fronds in a closet and have no problem breaking them out when I don't have the real deal on hand. I swear no one knows! (Pro tip: add a little bit of water to the bottom of a glass vase to make it look even more authentic.)

Not all faux botanicals are created equal though, so don't go out buying any old palm or fiddle leaf tree. I've rounded up some of my favorites that I think every home would benefit from having on a credenza, countertop, family room corner, or office shelf!