Bedrooms may be shut behind closed doors, hidden upstairs, or off of long hallways, but I always ALWAYS make my bed and believe others should too. Personally, it gets my day started, makes me happy, and allows me to feel the smallest bit of accomplishment early in the morning. Plus, you never know who will pop by, take a peek, and judge you for an unkept messy bed! Kidding (but only kinda).

Design by  Studio McGee

Design by Studio McGee

The perfect bed for me involves a base of crisp white sheets, a neutral duvet or coverlet, an end of the bed throw, and a handful of pillows that I rotate in and out depending on my mood! One thing, though, always remains the same: a pretty lumbar pillow. Whether for our own home or my clients' I always finish off a bedroom look with a lumbar. 

A lumbar pillow really ties the whole look together. It doesn't even have to match, but rather coordinate with the space as a whole. Like a bright sparkly statement necklace on top of a plain 'ole white t-shirt or black dress, a lumbar pillow has a way of making the rest of the space pop with personality. And honestly, you don't even need the other pillows! (In fact, full disclosure, sometimes I'm lazy and just toss our tasseled beauty up there and call it a day!)

I've rounded up some of my current favorites, ranging in price and size, so if you don't already have one on your bed, you definitely need one of these! 

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