Hope you all have had a fun weekend! I know we sure did. Started the weekend off with a surprise post-birthday spa day at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa with my childhood bestie (in large part thanks to Hubby!) and finished it off this afternoon with a family outing to Floor & Decor to do a little research on backsplash tile and wood flooring for the new house. Talk about my dream weekend!  

I'm happy to report we found a handful of contenders for our kitchen backsplash and powder room! Is it any surprise that they're all white (with a few hints of grey)?

I'm getting so excited for THE "Design Appointment" [insert sparkly hearts, floating bubbles, shooting stars, and baby kittens], where we'll solidify our choices on cabinetry, tile, flooring, paint, appliances, etc. with the builder. Some people think of this process and get the cold sweats, but I look at it as the BEST. DAY. EVER. I feel like I've been preparing for the appointment my whole life. Have I ever told you about my "Mr. Design Folder"? I made it in 4th grade. It's green, and includes magazines clippings from 1989 up until present. Yep, I'm that girl!

Anyway, when it comes to the new digs, I'm still feeling the light, bright, white, modern, crisp, coastal, fun, casually cool vibe.....and ALL of these images are speaking to me loud and clear!

Via Studio McGee

Via Studio McGee

Via  Lonny

Via Lonny

So I'll be channeling these inspiration pins when it comes to making some design decisions on the front end, but who knows where the coming months of planning will take me when it comes to furniture and room layout! Poor Husband is probably so sick of hearing about "my plans" and asking "what are your thoughts on this hypothetical design idea?".....Thank goodness I have this blog to share everything with you all! Buckle up!

Oh, also, unrelated to interior design, my most favorite chambray dress is currently on major sale HERE and HERE. If you need a comfy throw-on dress that makes you feel an extra pep in your step I highly recommend this pretty number!

Leo's so bored with us sometimes!

Leo's so bored with us sometimes!

I've got some other fun blog posts planned this week so check on back tomorrow! Have a lovely Sunday evening! Xo