Life has been so insanely busy lately -- from household/mommy/family obligations to spring birthdays and weekend get aways, to client e-design projects and styling gigs (which I'm incredibly thankful for each and every day!). As a result, though, I haven't had much free time to blog...which is really a shame since I love this space for sharing my recent finds, killer deals, current and completed projects, and functional design tips!

But do not fret, because something about Target's new Opal House has genuinely inspired me to find the time to post again! (And, no, nothing about this is sponsored.) It could be that this line speaks to my high-to-low design philosophy, or it could be that my kiddos go back to school after a disjointed 3 week spring break today and I'm jonesing for routine again....who knows?! I can say that the challenge of creating a handful of mood boards using affordable pieces mixed in with higher-end furniture and accessories this week has my creative juices flowing!

So for my first High-to-Low Design Board this week I have decided to focus on a sitting room/sunroom/den/chill-out space. Call it what you will....

Shira Bess Interiors Opal House Target Post-April 8.jpg

Pour me a cup of tea or glass of wine and I'd happily veg out in this room for hours!


What room should I plan to share tomorrow? Bedroom or Family Room?