Let me start off my saying that I love our family room rug. I've spoken highly about it in the past, photographed it often, and think it is a great buy for a natural fiber rug that is surprisingly super soft. The only thing I don't love about it: it absorbs liquids like a sponge and has a few unfortunate visible stains that I cannot get out for the life of me! 


sofas / rug / coffee table / mirror / pillows / pineapple print / umbrella print

From a variety of common life mishaps -- like hot coffee spillage, apple juice straw leakage, accidental wine overflow, and dramatic medicine refusal by a five year old -- this rug has seen far better days! I should say that most people wouldn't even notice the stains, but I know they're there. And while I do love the look of it in the room, I just think it would be better in another space, where there is less traffic, less liquid consumption, and less children!

Everything else in our family room is very family-friendly, stain-resistant, washable or wipeable. I  loved our Dash & Albert rug that we had in the old house's family room and kick myself all the time for getting rid of it when we moved. I'm contemplating getting another indoor/outdoor rug like it since it's so easy to care for.

As a visual guide, here's a mood board of our family room to-date....

This is what the space would look like with our old Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rug in it.... 

It's a safe choice and I know would look great in the room, but I'm wondering if I want something that I've never owned before.....like this striped indoor/outdoor rug from Serena & Lily? Similar but different. Thoughts?

And last but not least, if I veered away from navy (can you imagine?!) I've always loved this other indoor/outdoor Dash & Albert rug....

Feel free to weigh in! I'd love your opinions!