I know most people read on their iPads and Kindles these days, but I'm old school and love a good book. I love to hold them, read them, peruse their pretty pictures, and, most importantly, style them around the house!  


With their unique cover designs, visual interest, and varying sizes, books look great stacked horizontally or propped up vertically, color-coded or randomly displayed. They liven up shelves, dressers, coffee tables, and consoles, and add a ton of personality to an otherwise generic looking surface. I'd go so far as to say that second to greenery and fresh blooms, books are one of the most impactful, affordable, and functional items to decorate with. 


You may remember that back in July, when we were vacationing in Maine, I decided that the beautiful home my parents were renting needed a little makeover in one specific area. The house was stunningly designed but there was this one built-in shelf area in the living room that was just sad. Here's the before....


It was a hodgepodge of random objects and a few books. I knew that with a little love, and a spare hour or two to myself, that I could transform this lovely built-in into a real showstopper.

While the house didn't have many knickknacks to play with, they did have a great selection of cookbooks and coffee table books. Jackpot!

Check out my finished restyling....


What a world of difference some books can make, amiright?!!?

To prove my point even further, check out these other beautiful spaces that I came across over on Pinterest. Try to envision what these shelves and tables would look like without the books. [Spoiler alert: everything would look super drab and boring!]


I've rounded up several of my favorite, go-to coffee table books below. I highly recommend starting your own collection. They're not just pretty to look at, but you and your guests will love flipping through them. I promise!