I've always described my aesthetic as "coastal modern." I'm a born and bred Florida girl who spent her formative young adult years in NYC, and I definitely straddle those two worlds. For me, "coastal modern" is a marriage of both, combining an eclectic mixture of "concrete jungle" and "beachy bohemian." Manhattan is an island after all! :) 

I gravitate towards a balance of sleek modern lines and comfy durable furniture, shiny metal accents and organic wood tones, white walls and accessories that pop with color, large scale mirrors, impactful artwork, and layers upon layers of texture. (Texture is key people! Otherwise you've got yourself a sterile, one-dimensional robot home, and no one wants that!) By incorporating thoughtful design elements, such as rugs and pillows, chunky blankets and throws, lamps and pendants, plants and flowers, and natural woods and woven rattan accents, you just can't go wrong making a house feel like a home!

As recently as this past January, I found a beautiful (and inexpensive!) rattan lantern in the "Outdoor" section of Target. While we don't really have much of an outdoor area in our townhouse, I knew I could find a place for it on our dining room for now. I love how the light rattan pops agains the white console and warms up the brass accents!

While I haven't been able to find another one in-store since, they are now available online HERE! I've also been noticing a ton of other options out there, and love seeing how other designers style them....

Grouped in a cluster, lining a staircase, or as part of a centerpiece on a table, these rattan lanterns are accessories to incorporate into any outdoor (or indoor!) space!

I've rounded up some faves below! (All you have to do is hover over the lantern you like, click on the "+" and you'll be directed to the website to purchase! Easy peasy!)


Happy first day of Spring!