You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned the new house in a while, and, well, there's a reason for the omission. After having some major second thoughts about the new digs as we were in the throes of our final design appointment, we decided the whole thing just didn't feel right. Simply put, it wasn't meant to be our long-term family home. 

Don't get me wrong, initially there were so many things about this house that we were excited about. But behind the scenes there were elements about the new place that just didn't sit right. It didn't feel like us. It didn't feel like the home we wanted to raise our boys in. We realized we made a mistake.


Without going into detail on the specifics of why, I'll admit that we were woo'd by the idea of building a new construction home and putting our own stamp on the place, and we let those feelings lead the charge. Buying a home is definitely one of the biggest and most expensive decisions anyone can make, and you have to be 1,000% certain it's the right move. It's not a time to settle or ignore top priorities. 

Deciding that this particular home was not "THE ONE" was hard to admit aloud, especially since I pride myself on being very decisive for our family. The idea that we made the wrong decision for us felt (and still feels) pretty monumental, but there's no denying those guttural "red flags" when you know something isn't right. I literally had intense anxiety about the house from the moment we signed on the dotted line. And instead of acknowledging that something didn't feel right to my wonderfully supportive Husband who was happy to see me so happy, I pushed those feelings aside. I chose to focus on the design elements I could control and how I would eventually decorate each room for our family. You know, the fun stuff that makes a house feel like a home! That was, until I had a full blown panic attack about it all.

Anyway, in short, we will continue to rent as we house hunt, and this time we'll be sure to keep our top priorities front and center. We know the perfect place for us is out there, and thanks to this misstep we now have a chunky file folder ready of all the projects we intend to do to the future digs. Until then, we'll keep searching for "THE ONE" and I'll be sure to update you along the way. We'll be more patient this time...and by "we" I really mean ME!