Ok, ok, so I admit it. I have a problem. A big one. I love rugs. Like LOVE rugs. I'd buy every pretty one I laid eyes on if it weren't for the small ounce of self-control I have to muster so my family doesn't disown me. If you've seen my Instagram you know what I'm talking about. Just to break it down, we currently have 11 rugs living peacefully together in our 4 bedroom townhouse! ELEVEN! Four rooms. You do the math, it's not healthy.

The reason for my RUG LOVE is simple, though, they ground a space and add major personality, texture, and warmth to any room. You can go from boring to charming in the blink of an 8x10 dhurrie! Beachy, modern, vintage, or traditional, rugs have the ability to transform the space between a few walls and make it feel like you are home.

Recently, I updated our long and narrow entryway with this runner from Target.

An entryway, or foyer, is the first introduction guests have of a home. It's important to give this space - whether big or small - the attention it deserves. 

Thanks to an inexpensive indoor-outdoor rug, a bench to take a seat, a few baskets to hide the inevitable pileup of shoes, a mirror for that last-minute once over, and a few hooks to hang bags and hats, our entryway is now functional and good-looking! 

And because I would never leave you hanging on where to find your own, I've rounded up some of my favorite runners and rugs to spice up your own entryways, all under $200 (most under $100)! 

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