Leo's New Bedding

Leo’s room is getting a little refresh this week, and it’s crazy exciting to see how a few minor changes can truly impact a room for the better.

As background, Leo’s been utterly spoiled by a bedtime routine that involves me laying down with him… until he’s asleep. I know, I know, so wrong. The exact opposite advice our lovely sleep specialist told us to do. Judge away! I’ve been an enabler. He’s just so cuddly and I get so tired.

Recently, though, I told Leo that there would be a few “magical” additions to his room to help him sleep better on his own. (He loves anything I deem magical, and selfishly I’ve been wanting to add wallpaper and swap out his bedding so this was a win-win statement to make.)

Leo's Room.jpg


I wanted his room to be a comfy, sleep-inducing environment, and Leo seemed on board with everything he saw on the moodboard I presented him. He loved seeing “mommy’s office rug” and was super excited for cozy cool linen bedding like “mommy and daddy’s.”

It was serendipitous that Serena & Lily would send us their new Positano Linen Bedding to try out, and a no brainer to add this luxe new bedding to Leo’s bunk beds.


I’m not kidding when I say these sheets, pillow cases, and duvet covers are the best.


No one is even paying me to say this! I just genuinely love this new line.


Everything washes well, drapes perfectly on the bed, and the super soft texture has been a big hit! Plus, the linen fabric is crazy breathable, keeping my little sweaty hot-box of a sleeper nice and cool.


Can’t wait to share more of this room’s evolution next week…so stay tuned!