Moving into a temporary living situation (i.e. our townhouse rental) has had its challenging moments...namely we don't want to invest in any new furniture and aren't going to make any permanent improvements. That means no wall treatments, no closet built-ins, no flooring upgrades, and definitely no hanging lighting or wired sconces! 

When it came to our boys' bedrooms, figuring out the best form of organization was my main focus. We were moving from a home where we had a designated playroom to a rental where there would be none. The upside to the townhouse, though, is that the boys' bedrooms are unusually big. Big enough to fit everything -- clothes, shoes, books, toys, musical instruments, and other random boy tchotchkes! The challenge: makin' it all look good!

A fairly annoying additional obstacle (that I didn't capture that well in these photos) is that the boys' bedrooms share a Jack and Jill bathroom. That means there's a bathroom door, closet door, entry door, and window to contend with. That's a whole lotta doors to work around when designing a furniture layout. Tricky, tricky! 

After sketching out a few configurations on paper, and by sheer determination, perseverance, strength and muscle (thanks to my Superman Husband), we settled on this winning look.

For perspective sake, the above picture was taken from the doorway of the bathroom, next to the closet area where the window is, and to the left of the main bedroom door. The dresser is to the right of where I'm crouched down.

The bookshelves are Kallax from IKEA and they are a lifesaver! Seriously. They store SO much and I can't recommend them enough for kids rooms. I'm pretty sure this room would be in total chaos if we didn't have them. There are cars and trucks, books and bins, legos, trains, flash lights, bouncy balls, and random party favors in there and it's all contained beautifully!

The prints above his bed are an absolute favorite, taken by my talented Husband during a work trip to L.A. a few years ago. We divided one picture into two, printed them through Shutterfly, and framed them through Framebridge.

And if you're interested in getting a similar look, I've linked all (or similar) items in the room below: