Bedding Upgrade With Boll & Branch

TGIF! I, for one, am looking forward to sleeping in a bit this weekend (although with small kiddos I'll likely be up at my normal 6am!)...what about you?

SBI x BB - 1.JPG

Anyway, our new master bedroom is coming together, as you can see, and it's been such a breath of fresh air waking up every morning in this light filled room! 

SBI x BB - 6.jpeg

There are still things to get done in layer the natural woven roman shades with heavy linen white drapes, figure out the wall situation (to shiplap or wallpaper, that is the question!), hang a few pieces of art and a mirror, and eventually upgrade our nightstands to something a bit more functional. But all in all this room is really shaping up to be the relaxing oasis I always dreamed of having!

SBI x BB - 2.JPG

Beyond the new rug (which I'm going to dedicate a whole blog post to next week), my most favorite new addition to this room is our bedding. Holy cow, is it luxuriously soft! I had no idea I even needed to upgrade until Boll & Branch reached out about their new Striped Percale Sheet Set and subsequently sent over a generous box of all new bedding for us to try out.

SBI x BB - 3.JPG

Since I only like to share brands and products I know, use, and love, I admit I was a tad bit skeptical of trying out something new. Creature of habit over here! I mean, obviously the striped part intrigued me because I've literally never turned down a stripe, but I wasn't all that eager to give new bedding a shot since I was content with what we already had. 

Fast forward to a few large packages arriving at our doorstep and I was quickly wooed. Inside were beautifully wrapped boxes with a sweet note. And I especially loved finding out that all Boll & Branch cotton is fair-trade and organic. They truly care about the environment and the social impact of their production. 

SBI x BB - 7.JPG

Once I moved on from oohing and ahhing over the packaging and brand mission, I was immediately impressed with the look and feel of the sheetsduvetshams, and waffle blanket. I even hesitated to wash them at first since they were just so pristine and soft (but we all know washing sheets before sleeping on them is a must so to the laundry room it all went!). 

SBI x BB - 5.JPG

Fresh out of the dryer I immediately noticed that everything felt like a favorite, well worn t-shirt. You know that comfy feel. I actually remember thinking "wow, I had no idea I needed these in my life" and was super impressed with how well everything washed. Boll & Branch even claims that their sheets are "designed to last a lifetime—and get even better with every wash" and I can honestly say that this is true! 

If and when you need new bedding, definitely check them out!