Our New Annie Selke Family Room Rug

We’re back from our wonderful family vacation to Maine and it feels amazing to come home to the new house!

It was definitely a rollercoaster leading up to the move-in (perhaps I’ll share more of that crazy tale another time), but we really couldn’t be happier and feel beyond fortunate to start creating memories within these walls. 

Each room is coming together at its own pace (some faster than others) and it’s about time I shared some of the work-in-progress over here, don’t ya think!? Let’s start with the heart of our home: the family room. 

Annie Selke 2.JPG

First, let me just put into context that this house is significantly larger than all of our previous homes. The family room alone measures 17’ x 26’ -- which our first one-bedroom apartment in NYC could have easily fit into with wiggle room! -- and our old 9’ x 12’ rug from the townhouse would have been far too small in proportion to square footage.

Annie Selke 6.JPG

Enter, like magic, my fairy godmother Annie Selke! I've been a huge fan of the brand for years and years and was beyond excited when they offered to gift us a rug of our choice for the new house. I basically cried tears of rug loving joy when I heard this news! 

As background, we had their Samode Rug in Navy/White in our old old house (on the west coast of Florida), and toyed with the idea of getting it again, but decided we wanted to do something different and go more light neutral.

Shira Bess Interiors x Annie Selke - Pic 1.JPG

The Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Platinum was our front runner and am so thrilled we chose this beauty! From the moment it arrived I’ve been all goo-goo eyed over the patterned design. It’s large and in charge at 12’ x 16’ and really anchors the whole space. It is ridiculously soft underfoot and our friends and family still don’t believe it’s indoor/outdoor! Plus, if anything spills, all I have to do is use a mild cleaner and blot with a wet rag and the stain will literally disappear. 

annie selke 3.JPG

Dash & Albert has been my recommended go-to for families with kids, pets, or anyone who likes to live life and entertain! Their rugs are washable, have ultra-durable construction, are water-resistant, and UV-treated for fade resistance….plus they’re low profile (so your doors swing open easily over them!), lightweight, and reversible! Oh, and did I mention they’re also scrubbable and bleachable. Seriously, it’s hard NOT to want them all over your home.

Fun fact: to date we have four Dash & Albert rugs in our home and I have my eye on this cabana striped guy for our dining room....remember my friends, rugs not drugs! ;)

I can’t wait to share more about our family room as it evolves! Until then, a big thanks to Annie Selke for giving us this amazing gift which we absolutely LOVE!