Our New Kitchen Counter Stools: 2.0

I recently decided to switch out our existing kitchen counter stools for something different. If you follow me on Instagram you know I recently put them up for sale. But if you don’t follow me over there (although you should!), you’re probably wondering why I’d make this change. Sure they were only a year old, quality made and very photogenic. But all of that aside, and simply put, the dimensions of the stool just never fit our island properly. The armrest was too high to fit under the counter as it was intended (my error in not measuring before ordering), and the kids’ left foodie finger prints on the armrest constantly. I was either wiping them down from goldfish residue or touching them up with paint from them knocking into the counter — both super annoying on the daily.


So after a bit of deliberation, and with the Husband’s approval, I decided our wishbone stools would be better suited for another home. A home with a slightly taller counter, and children that preferred non-orange snacks.


So off they went to their new home, creating an exciting blank slate for us to envision the right counter stools..


I questioned if we should go rattan, leather, wood, or a wipeable polypropylene. I toyed with the idea of going backless, even swivel. There were just so many good-looking contenders that I needed to really weigh all the options.



1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

After pulling lots of inspiration from Pinterest, creating a few moodboards to help visualize each stool in the actual kitchen, and looking back at some of my favorite island/stool combos from other designers, I narrowed down my search to these two stools: this one and this one.

But then, out of nowhere, Husband suggested these. Curveball! Replicas of the original Marcel Breuer Cesca chair, these were excellent copies of the nostalgic cane chairs famous during the 20th century. How had I not thought of these initially??? They instantaneously transported me to my childhood kitchen table and it was a no brainer that these were THE ONES. Love at first sight.

After measuring their dimensions around the island, as one should, we purchased!

***This is 100% not sponsored — but since I’m nothing but honest and love sharing a great brand/company — I’ve gotta tell you how great our experience was ordering from Seats & Stools. They are located in Chicago and have amazing customer service. After I placed my order online I received a phone call from them to confirm everything was correct. Like an actual person called me to double check everything I selected online was intentional, and she was lovely! The stools were quick to ship, arrived in perfect condition, and it’s safe to say we love them even more in person than we thought we would.


It’s really remarkable how a change like this can impact a space for the better!


If you, too, have stools that just aren’t working for your kitchen counter — whether they’re too tall, too short, too wide, not comfortable, etc. — don’t be afraid to switch things up. .

I recommend listing out your top priorities (i.e. specific budget, height, width, material, back, backless, etc.) and then honing in on your search that way. Keep this list in mind as you shop. It can be very easy to get wooed by a piece of furniture that isn’t quite right (whether it’s a good price or a material you love, it may not be ideal for your kitchen and family) so stay focused!

And as far as what to do with the old stools, I always recommend selling gently used furniture online, leveraging social media, your neighborhood Facebook group or community bulletin board. And if all else fails, donate. Call up your local women’s shelter, Habitat for Humanity, a group home, or any other organization you support.

I’m obviously an extreme changer-upper, but life’s too short to live with something in your home that just isn’t right. Amiright?!