A Tale of Two Palms...and other faux plants worth your while!

I love plants. I love the way they look, I love the warmth they bring to a space, the way they liven up neutral decor with their natural fresh colors and textures. But most importantly, I love that plants are a relatively inexpensive and easy way to elevate the design of a room and add that extra layer of personality.

Take, for instance, our dining room. We have this big cabinet on the far wall, and have had a rotating cast of characters to live beside it. From a spare chair to a short plant, from a random side table to plain ‘ole empty space.



The other day I had the urge to purchase two palms to complete this wall, give it some much needed life and burst of green! But then, very quickly, I questioned if I was up for another live plant. Another something to take care of. The few we have inside, and the many we have outside, just haven’t done so well. Especially while we were recently in Maine. There’s that whole “remember to water them” thing, and sometimes this busy working momma of two just can’t be responsible for another living thing. This phase of life isn’t conducive and I’ve gotta accept it!

So, while real is ideal, faux never ever dies and you can probably guess the direction I ended up going.


I searched high and wide until I found this very realistic faux palm from Pottery Barn. For now, I’ve put them in our little rattan stools, turned upside down, but I’ll eventually be on the hunt for the perfect planters. They’ve completed this space beautifully by bringing an organic beachy vibe to an otherwise neutral white and wood space.



What I love the most about these faux palms, though, besides the whole not having to water them thing, is that they are bendable. You can manipulate the leaves to go in any direction you want, and I can’t tell you how realistic they look once you play around with them. I highly recommend them to anyone, especially those of us with kids or pets, or unfortunate black thumbs!

I rounded up a dozen or so other faux plants that I either own, have recommended or seen in person, or have stellar online reviews. If you end up purchasing any, please send me pics or tag me on Instagram! Would love to see how everyone else’s homes are refreshed from a little greenery!