An oversized round mirror is a great secret weapon for making a small room feel larger, or large blank wall feel more intimate. It's really the jack of all trades when it comes to home decor!


I'm a huge fan of its impact and feel every home should have at least one....hung in either a foyer, in a dining room over a console (like in our home), above a bedroom dresser, or over a vanity in lieu of a traditional (shall I say, boring) bathroom mirror.

How great does an oversized round mirror look in these pretty spaces?!?! I mean.....

My favorite oversized reflector is currently on sale for $100 off, which is an amazing deal considering I thought the mirror was well priced for its size and quality already! It is hefty though, so you'll definitely need reinforcement to hang it, but I promise you it's well worth it. (I've included the smaller version as well, since it's also on sale....and I also own it and recommend!)!


Have a wonderful day!