For those of you unfamiliar with how my E-Design service works, it is a virtual and affordable alternative to traditional full-service interior design, available to anyone regardless of geography. It is accessible, fast, and fun -- and is ideal for the client who works well via email and is comfortable buying products online. All communication is done conveniently over the phone and through email. No matter where you live, whether down the street or across the country, and no matter what your budget it, my E-Design service is thoughtful, thorough, individualized, and not at all generic! 

I designed this suburban New York family room all the way from South Florida without physically stepping foot inside those pretty walls. Thanks to email, FaceTime, text, and phone, I was able to work with my client remotely and effectively.

My E-Design service includes:

  • An initial phone call or FaceTime consultation.

  • The creation of 3 E-Design Boards.

  • One round of revisions.

  • A final E-Design Plan, room layout, and corresponding Shopping List.

The process is an easy one. It works like this:

  1. You complete my design questionnaire.

  2. I'm in touch to discuss more details and give you a quote for the project.

  3. You respond in agreement and say "yes, let's do this!" and then email over a floor plan, photos/video of the space, dimensions, and inspiration pics.

  4. You complete your project invoice.

  5. I get designing!

  6. You receive 3 unique and personalized E-Design plans to review and give feedback on.

  7. I implement one round of revisions based off of your feedback and send you a final E-Design plan, including an itemized and extensive Shopping List.

  8. You receive your beautiful new E-Design plan and Shopping List to implement at your own pace!

All of this is included in the flat rate that I quote you at the start of the project.


I'm sharing one of my favorite E-Design projects as an example of how the process works....

Meet #ClientCityToSuburbs!

The Clif Notes version is that #ClientCityToSuburbs completed my design questionnaire because she was interested in my design help with her family's new kitchen and family room. After speaking on the phone, #ClientCityToSuburbs sent over dimensions, pictures (below), and video, and based on her wants, needs, style, and budget I was able to get to work on the first round of her three E-Design plans. 


Since #ClientCityToSuburbs was moving from an apartment in Hoboken, NJ to a beautiful new construction home in suburban NY with her husband and two small children, it was important for me to create a space that felt warm, inviting, good-looking, but also family-friendly.

While the room was a blank slate, #ClientCityToSuburbs had an idea of what she wanted for their kitchen bar stools and family room sofa. I was able to offer up suggestions via email on color and fabric (durability is key for a young family!), and in this case selections were made prior to the plans even being developed. From that point, I was able to create the following E-Design plans for her to review...


They loved certain elements of all three, and after hearing their feedback I was able to make one round of revisions. From there a final E-Design plan was solidified and emailed over, and a comprehensive Shopping List was included for them to make all product purchases from on their own.   

Once these pieces are emailed off to the client my E-Design service is complete. The client can then implement all or some of the plans at their leisure.

In the case of the lovely #ClientCityToSuburbs, I was blown away when I received their progress pics! Not only is their new home gorgeous, but they implemented the design plans impeccably (and their camera skills are pretty impressive as well!)!


It's an understatement to say that I get excited seeing the fruits of my labor come to life! I absolutely love what I do, and feel passionate about designing coastal modern spaces that are good-looking AND functional. After all, your home is meant to be enjoyed, and I take immense pride in creating a well-designed space for you and your family to live life and have fun!

If you or someone you know is interested in my E-Design service, please feel free to be in touch via email at, or complete my design questionnaire.