Indigo Lumbars

You may remember that I retired our extra long indigo lumbar for the summer a few weeks ago. I needed a change, and swapping pillows in and out is such an easy and quick fix. I was happy with the neutral palette we had going on for a few days, but then I missed the pop of blue, and casual vibe the lumbar brought to our room. So, this morning I decided it was time to come out of retirement. 

I've been a fan of long lumbar pillows for quite some time but feel like they've recently become uber popular. As a result, the once hard to come by, elusive, extra long lumbar, has become more accessible (and even more affordable!). While I bought ours from Boho Pillow, who has an amazing selection of vintage textiles, she only occasionally has the super long lumbar available. I did come across quite a few similar ones recently in my online sourcing and wanted to share these indigo beauties with you all....